Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility

Series 1 - Episode 1



Not the film with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet as the Dashwood sisters Elinor and Marianne, but a rather good TV adaptation from 2008 by Andrew Davies (you can see his version of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables starting tomorrow).


It’s a wonderful story, of course, layered with class resentments, lack of money and impecunious women in a very patriarchal, judgemental society.


The cast is terrific. David Morrissey plays the flinty, but kind and brave Colonel Brandon, with Dominic Cooper as that cad Willoughby, who steals Marianne’s heart, and much more.


Janet McTeer is Dashwood mum, Mary, who must fall upon the kindness of others when her husband dies and everything goes to an ungrateful male heir. 


Charity Wakefield and Hattie Morahan lead the cast in Andrew Davies's adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel about a voyage of sexual and romantic discovery. Following the death of her husband, Mrs Dashwood and her daughters are forced to give up their home and move to a small cottage in Devonshire. Elinor is disappointed to leave her old home after falling in love with Edward Ferrars, her sister-in-law's brother, but looks forward to a promised visit. Marianne quickly finds she has an admirer in Colonel Brandon but is swept of her feet by neighbour Willoughby.

Cast & Crew

Elinor Dashwood Hattie Morahan
Marianne Dashwood Charity Wakefield
Mrs Dashwood Janet McTeer
Colonel Brandon David Morrissey
Willoughby Dominic Cooper
Edward Ferrars Dan Stevens
Mrs Ferrars Jean Marsh
Sir John Middleton Mark Williams
John Dashwood Mark Gatiss
Margaret Dashwood Lucy Boynton
Fanny Dashwood Claire Skinner
Mrs Jennings Linda Bassett
Miss Steele Daisy Haggard
Mr Harris Damien Thomas
Thomas Perth Oisin Dickie
Lady Middleton Rosanna Lavelle
Martha Wendy Albiston
Jenkins Campbell Graham
Doctor Christopher Beeny
Footman at Norland Park Steve North
Director John Alexander
Executive Producer Jessica Pope
Producer Anne Pivcevic
Writer Andrew Davies
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