A Winkle in Time

Series 9 - Episode 6 A Winkle in Time



The end of the war sees Rene, Edith and the rest of the gang welcoming in the Allied troops, and they soon find that the invasion party includes a couple of old friends.

Cast & Crew

Michelle Dubois Kirsten Cooke
Officer Crabtree Arthur Bostrom
Von Smallhausen John Louis Mansi
Flying Officer Fairfax John D Collins
Private Helga Geerhart Kim Hartman
Alfonse Robin Parkinson
Flying Officer Carstairs Nicholas Frankau
Herr Flick Richard Gibson
M Leclerc Jack Haig
Flockenstoffen Paul Adam
von Smallhausen Roger Kitter
Lt Hubert Gruber Guy Siner
Mimi Labonq Sue Hodge
Rene Artois Gorden Kaye
General Von Klinkerhoffen Hilary Minster
Bertorelli Roger Kitter
Edith Artois Carmen Silvera
Yvette Carte-Blanche Vicki Michelle
Colonel Von Strohm Richard Marner
Fanny la Fanne Rose Hill
Producer Mike Stephens
Writer Jeremy Lloyd
Writer Paul Adam
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