He Kane Hewa'ole (An Innocent Man)

Series 1 - Episode 14 He Kane Hewa'ole (An Innocent Man)

Friday 2am - 3am Sky One


When they get around to compiling the first-series DVD, one of its extras ought to be a roundup of all the prologues: they are brilliant. This one involves a heart-to-heart, a full-throttle car chase and a head in a box. Three minutes: bish bash bosh.
The ensuing John Doe case sees Chin Ho catch up with his ex-fiancée and do something cunning with a GPS, while Steve and Danno bicker amusingly over internet shopping and which of the two leads in CHiPs each resembles the most.
Despite some double-takingly poor acting in one of the guest roles, it’s another breeze of a watch whose impossibly neat solution never detracts one iota from the show’s entertainment value.


McGarrett and the team join Honolulu police officers in a high-speed chase, leading to a crash that results in the death of the pursued driver. Inspecting the wreckage, Chin Ho discovers a box that contains a human head, and when tests reveal the unidentified victim was undergoing cancer treatment, the detective realises he must begrudgingly seek his ex-fiancee's help to solve the case.

Cast & Crew

Steve McGarrett Alex O'Loughlin
Danny `Danno” Williams Scott Caan
Chin Ho Kelly Daniel Dae Kim
Kono Kalakaua Grace Park
Mary Ann McGarrett Taryn Manning