Waking the Dead

Straw Dog

Series 5 - Episode 4 Straw Dog



Feature-length episode. The appeal of a man convicted of murder and mutilation forces Grace to question the decision she made on the case 30 years ago. Someone who appears to be copying his chilling tactics sends the team footage of a new victim having his finger cut off. At the same time, Grace receives threats and a macabre package - a jar of pickled, severed fingers. Sue Johnston and Trevor Eve star.

Cast & Crew

Dr Grace Foley Sue Johnston
Det Supt Peter Boyd Trevor Eve
Tony Green Dave Norman
Young Grace Emma Lowndes
Spence Wil Johnson
Felix Esther Hall
DC Stella Goodman Felicite Du Jeu
Harry Taylor Tom Ellis
Dr Hoyle Paul Freeman
Emma Lloyd Natalie Robb
Terry Healy Terence Hillyer
Kevin Keogh Eugene O'Hare
Taz Andrew Turner
Redser Ovidiu Matesan
Judge Angela Bruce
Clerk Dominic Kemp
Stephen Joe Van Moyland
Director Jim O'Hanlon
Producer Richard Burrell
Writer Declan Croghan
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