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Shallow Seas

Series 1 - Episode 9 Shallow Seas



The sight of teeny-weeny squid trying out their pigment spots, or translucent salps holding hands in long chains, or pink pygmy seahorses head-butting each other looks and feels more like fantasy than fact.

However, we’re in the shallow seas of coral reefs for this 2006 documentary where we also see lovely humpback whales, including the mother who feeds her calf an astonishing 500 litres of milk a day. But the image that stays with you longest is likely to be the sight of great white sharks leaping out of the seas off South Africa to snap at fleeing seals. Played in mesmeric super-slow-motion, it makes for an eerie spectacle.


Following the epic journey of a humpback whale and its calf as they travel from a tropical paradise to the species' great feeding ground in the icy polar seas. David Attenborough also observes footage of colonies of seabirds in the Arabian desert and surfing dolphins in Australia that swim onto the beach to catch their fish.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Attenborough
Director Alastair Fothergill
Producer Mark Brownlow
Series Producer Alastair Fothergill
Writer David Attenborough
Documentary Nature