NCIS: Los Angeles


Series 1 - Episode 21 Found



Eric pulls the team together when he finds a video of kidnapped agent Dominic Vail posted on a jihadist website, with the terrorists holding him stating that he will be executed within 24 hours unless a comrade of theirs being held by the US government is released. One of the captors is identified as a being an associate of Sam, and his involvement also seems to indicate Dom is being held in Sudan. Crime drama, starring LL Cool J.

Cast & Crew

G Callen Chris O'Donnell
Sam Hanna LL Cool J
Nate Getz Peter Cambor
Kensi Blye Daniela Ruah
Dominic Vail Adam Jamal Craig
Henrietta `Hetty' Lange Linda Hunt
Eric Beale Barrett Foa
Marty Deeks Eric Christian Olsen
Kalil Abramson Carlo Rota
Mowahd Dusa Ronald Auguste
Ameenah Shah Aliah Whitmore
Yari Ben Youcef
Director James Whitmore Jr
Executive Producer Shane Brennan
Executive Producer R Scott Gemmill
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