Wishful Drinking

Wishful Drinking
Sun 13 Dec 11:15pm - 12:45am NOW TV Sky Documentaries
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Sun 13 Dec, 11:15pm - 12:45am Sky Documentaries


Gags about Hollywood stars marrying each other, living in silly houses, divorcing, giving their neuroses to their weird children, entering rehab, marrying, divorcing etc can often feel stale and cynical. But Carrie Fisher's one-woman stage show has both bite and warmth. She's been the star child, the star wife, the star and the hopeless screw-up in rehab, and she doesn't hold back as she pelts her favourite target: herself. She only has to tell a true story to have you giggling, but set pieces such as her diagram of her tangled family show a gift for building laughs. It's a comedy greetings card from the edge.


Carrie Fisher performs a one-woman show based on her autobiography, reflecting on her life in showbusiness, both as the daughter of Hollywood couple Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds and as an actress in her own right. Among the topics she discusses are the very public dissolution of her parents' marriage, her struggles with bipolar disorder and her life-changing role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films - which led to her encountering her own likeness in some unexpected places.

Cast & Crew

Director Fenton Bailey
Director Randy Barbato
Writer Carrie Fisher