Inspector Morse

The Dead of Jericho

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Dead of Jericho



There were many generous tributes after the recent death at the age of 86 of author Colin Dexter. He left a tremendous literary and television legacy; he created the Inspector Morse books, which became a much-loved series with John Thaw as the curmudgeonly, cerebral cop.

Dexter, who liked the odd glass of real ale and adored crosswords, made Morse in his own image. But he was also a man of kindness and humour, who loved his Hitchcock-like cameos in Morse and latterly (until he became too ill to take part). its spin-offs Lewis and Endeavour.

As a tribute to Dexter ITV3 repeats episodes from all three series.


First-ever episode of the popular crime drama, starring John Thaw as author Colin Dexter's Oxford detective who treats his cases as intellectual challenges. In this mystery, Morse is introduced to trusty Sergeant Lewis (Kevin Whately) and takes it upon himself to investigate the apparent suicide of a lady friend. Co-starring Gemma Jones, Patrick Troughton, James Grout and Peter Woodthorpe.

Cast & Crew

Chief Inspector Morse John Thaw
Det Sgt Lewis Kevin Whately
Anne Staveley Gemma Jones
George Jackson Patrick Troughton
Tony Richards James Laurenson
Max Peter Woodthorpe
Chief Inspector Bell Norman Jones
Ned Murdoch Spencer Leigh
Adele Richards Anne Lambert
Alan Richards Richard Durden
Chief Supt Strange James Grout
Mrs Staveley Charlotte Mitchell
Pete David Michaels
Tutor Paul Dixey
Grimes Christopher Guinee
Pharmacist Richard Cubison
Hospital doctor Souad Faress
Coroner Philip Voss
Constable Dixon Wayne Morris
Colin Gary Webster
Receptionist Sally Cooper
David Rupert Holliday-Evans
Jack Hornsby Charles Hidgson
Mrs Hornsby Irene Sutcliffe
Constable Gary Powell
Charlotte Charlotte Stone
Director Alastair Reid
Producer Kenny McBain
Writer Anthony Minghella
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