Agatha Christie's Poirot

Three Act Tragedy

Series 12 - Episode 1 Three Act Tragedy



The detective's friend Sir Charles Cartwright (guest star Martin Shaw) hosts a cocktail party at his home in Cornwall, where an amiable local priest chokes to death on his drink. There seems to be no motive for murder, and no trace of poison found in the victim's glass, but weeks later, when Sir Charles's doctor friend Sir Bartholomew Strange dies in similar circumstances, he and Poirot team up to investigate. Drama, with Art Malik, Jane Asher and Anna Carteret, and David Suchet in the title role.

Cast & Crew

Hercule Poirot David Suchet
Sir Charles Cartwright Martin Shaw
Sir Bartholomew Strange Art Malik
Lady Mary Lytton Gore Jane Asher
Mrs Babbington Anna Carteret
Egg Lytton Gore Kimberley Nixon
Miss Milray Suzanne Bertish
Cynthia Dacres Anastasia Hille
Cpt Dacres Ronan Vibert
Miss Wills Kate Ashfield
Reverend Babbington Nigel Pegram
Oliver Manders Tom Wisdom
Annie Jodie McNee
Supt Crossfield Tony Maudsley
George David Yelland
Matron Prue Clarke
Coroner Michael Hobbs
French boy James Hurran
Director Ashley Pearce
Producer Karen Thrussell
Writer Nick Dear
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