The Inbetweeners

End of Term

Series 2 - Episode 6 End of Term



Will becomes stressed as the friends prepare for their exams - apart from Jay, who finds himself preoccupied. Simon makes progress with Carli by helping her revise, and they all reminisce about the events of the past year. Comedy, starring Simon Bird.

Cast & Crew

Will McKenzie Simon Bird
Simon Cooper Joe Thomas
Jay Cartwright James Buckley
Neil Sutherland Blake Harrison
Carli D'Amato Emily Head
Mr Gilbert Greg Davies
Terry Cartwright David Schaal
Mrs McKenzie Belinda Stewart-Wilson
Mrs Cooper Robin Weaver
Mr Sutherland Alex Macqueen
Chloe Lizzie Stables
Rachel Lily Lovett
Barman Neal Barry
David Glover Richard Hart
Director Ben Palmer
Producer Christopher Young
Writer Damon Beesley
Writer Iain Morris
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