The Big Bang Theory

The Contractual Obligation Implementation

Series 6 - Episode 18 The Contractual Obligation Implementation



An adorable episode of the misfit-com, and one that spreads the killer lines evenly around the cast. The boys (minus Raj) try to promote science careers for women by going back to middle school. It’s a blast of nostalgia for Howard, who sighs, “How many times in these hallways was I tripped, punched and spat on.” Their presentation to a class of 12-year-olds is three different types of unsuitable, all of them hilarious.

Other plotlines are the girls’ trip to Disneyland and Raj’s first real date with Lucy, a heartbreakingly sweet text-exchange in a library (with one near-catastrophic mis-spelling). It’s all beautifully structured, as you’d expect from perhaps the most consistent comedy on the box.


While the girls go to Disneyland and get made up as princesses, the guys have to promote science as a career option for women at Howard's old middle school. Meanwhile, Raj and Lucy have their first date in a library, where instead of speaking to each other they send text messages.

Cast & Crew

Leonard Hofstadter Johnny Galecki
Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons
Howard Wolowitz Simon Helberg
Raj Koothrappali Kunal Nayyar
Penny Kaley Cuoco
Lucy Kate Micucci
Director Mark Cendrowski
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