The Nicked Airmen

Series 6 - Episode 4 The Nicked Airmen



Rene and his staff disguise themselves as undertakers in a bid to rescue the British airmen. Meanwhile, Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen decide they want the pilots to join the Gestapo and dress up as German officers - but are arrested before they get chance to put their plan into action.

Cast & Crew

Rene Artois Gorden Kaye
Edith Artois Carmen Silvera
Michelle Dubois Kirsten Cooke
Herr Otto Flick Richard Gibson
Yvette Vicki Michelle
Col Von Strohm Richard Marner
Lt Hubert Gruber Guy Siner
Von Smallhausen John Louis Mansi
Mimi Labonq Sue Lodge
Fanny Rose Hill
Director Martin Dennis
Producer David Croft
Writer Jeremy Lloyd
Writer David Croft
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