Scott & Bailey

Series 3 - Episode 5



With the Bevans’ house of death finally giving up its secrets, patriarch Joe undergoes prolonged interrogation. For the viewer, this gives us plenty of opportunities to see actor George Costigan do what he does best, which is to disconcert generally with his bug-eyed stares and off-kilter vocal delivery. The result is that we find ourselves obsessing over two questions: just how guilty is Joe of the increasing catalogue of crimes? And to what extent is troubled daughter Helen (Nicola Walker) complicit?

Away from the station, Rachel makes time to dissect her failing marriage to the well-meaning Sean (Sean Maguire) after he confronts her about the lack of time they spend together, while the criminally underused Tracie Bennett makes a further appearance as Sharon. Yes, she’s drunk. Yes, she has another uncomfortable (but mercifully less graphic) scene with police officer Pete. Yet, unfortunately, there’s not a karaoke machine in sight, so there’s no chance of more raucous Queen cover versions.


Having realised her marriage is a mistake, Rachel is still staying at Janet's and making excuses for her absence, but Sean isn't prepared to accept that things have gone so wrong, so quickly. Meanwhile, the investigation into Joe Bevan continues as the body count rises and the team faces the mammoth task of identifying the victims and determining the order in which they were murdered. Detective drama, starring Suranne Jones, Lesley Sharp and Sean Maguire.

Cast & Crew

DC Rachel Bailey Suranne Jones
DC Janet Scott Lesley Sharp
DCI Gill Murray Amelia Bullmore
DC Ian Mitchell David Prosho
DC Pete Readyough Tony Mooney
DC Lee Broadhurst Delroy Brown
DC Kevin Lumb Ben Batt
Sgt Rob Waddington Danny Miller
PC Sean McCartney Sean Maguire
Helen Bartlett Nicola Walker
Sharon Tracie Bennett
Det Supt Julie Dodson Pippa Haywood
Dorothy Parsons Judith Barker
Taisie Scott Harriet Waters
Joe Bevan George Costigan
Louise Caroline Harding
ACC Karen Zalinski Gabrielle Reidy
Scary Mary Jackson Judy Holt
Irene Norgrove Margaret Jackman
Joe's solicitor Kate Rutter
Director Juliet May
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Sally Wainwright
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Sally Wainwright
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