Red Letter Day

Series 5 - Episode 19 Red Letter Day



Lisbon and the rest of the CBI team investigate when the owner of a dilapidated Wild West tourist town is murdered. Meanwhile, Kirkland is busy trying to find out how much Jane knows about Red John. Is the Homeland Security agent in league with the serial killer?

Cast & Crew

Patrick Jane Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney
Wayne Rigsby Owain Yeoman
Kimball Cho Tim Kang
Grace Van Pelt Amanda Righetti
Robert Kirkland Kevin Corrigan
Hollis Percy Stephen Macht
Deb Granger Celia Finkelstein
Cowboy Tim Brian Duffy
Police Chief Emmett Cook Antonio Jaramillo
Joanna Percy Wendy Phillips
Ian Percy Eyal Podell
Francisco Navarro Harry Groener
Lily Soto Tamara Mello
Duncan Brian Ames
Director Guy Ferland
Executive Producer Bruno Heller
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