Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Blood and Circuses

Series 1 - Episode 11 Blood and Circuses



Phryne goes undercover as a magician's assistant following a murder at the circus. However, the situation evokes powerful memories of the last time she saw her younger sister, Janey. As children they would sneak into the big top to see the show, until the night her sibling went missing. Drama, starring Essie Davis.

Cast & Crew

Phryne Fisher Essie Davis
DI Jack Robinson Nathan Page
Hugh Collins Hugo Johnstone-Burt
Dorothy `Dot' Williams Ashleigh Cummings
Samson Aaron Jeffrey
Mr Jones John Wood
Elsie Gillian Jones
Sr Sgt Grossmith Joel Tobeck
Murdoch Foyle Nicholas Bell
Mr Butler Richard Bligh
Jane Ruby Rees Wemyss
Miss Parkes Victoria Thaine
Doreen Maud Davey
Mr Sheridan Greg Stone
Miss Christopher Moira Finucane
Young Phryne Lucia Emmerichs
Young Janey Zoe Gousmett
Director Emma Freeman
Writer Shelley Birse
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