Series 1 - Episode 6 Saturnalia



Marcus sees the midnight celebrations at the festival of Saturnalia as the perfect opportunity to make a move on Cynthia, while Grumio goes on a mission to make sure that the sacrificial meat does not go to waste. Comedy, starring Tom Rosenthal, Joel Fry, Ryan Sampson and Sophie Colquhoun.

Cast & Crew

Marcus Tom Rosenthal
Stylax Joel Fry
Grumio Ryan Sampson
Cynthia Sophie Colquhoun
Metella Lydia Rose Bewley
Flavia Doon Mackichan
Aurelius Tom Basden
Landlord Karl Theobald
Claudius Adrian Scarborough
Victor Brian Murphy
Irina Anna Skellern
Cosmo Stefan Ivanov
Director Sam Leifer
Executive Producer Caroline Leddy
Executive Producer Sam Leifer
Producer Teddy Leifer
Writer Tom Basden
Writer Sam Leifer
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