Agatha Christie's Marple

A Caribbean Mystery

Series 6 - Episode 1 A Caribbean Mystery



Miss Marple has a bad knee and, on the sage advice of her nephew, is on a trip to a lush Caribbean island in the hope that the warmth will ease her aching joints. But we all know that Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie) can never go anywhere without murdered corpses piling up and spoiling her fun. And so it begins at dinner one evening when a boring old major is startled by a familiar face in the throng. Of course, within minutes, death comes to paradise.

It’s a chirpy tale, adapted by actor/writer Charlie Higson (who also makes an uncredited appearance as James Bond, though not that James Bond), that’s also a portmanteau packed with famous faces, including Hermione Norris, Antony Sher, Warren Brown, Robert Webb and Daniel Rigby.


Julia McKenzie returns as the sleuthing spinster in the first of three murder mysteries. While staying at a hotel in the Caribbean, Miss Marple investigates the death of a fellow guest, refusing to believe he died of a heart attack. With the help of a business tycoon she sets about finding the real cause of the man's demise, and is soon drawn into a web of deceit and dark magic. Adapted by Charlie Higson and co-starring Antony Sher, Robert Webb, Montserrat Lombard, Daniel Rigby, Hermione Norris, MyAnna Buring, Warren Brown and Oliver Ford Davies.

Cast & Crew

Miss Marple Julia McKenzie
Rafiel Antony Sher
Errol Kingsley Ben-Adir
Victoria Pippa Bennett-Warner
Jackson Warren Brown
Lucky Dyson MyAnna Buring
Maj Palgrave Oliver Ford Davies
Esther Walters Montserrat Lombard
Col Hillingdon Alastair Mackenzie
Greg Dyson Charles Mesure
Evelyn Hillingdon Hermione Norris
Canon Prescott Daniel Rigby
Molly Kendall Charity Wakefield
Tim Kendall Robert Webb
Mama Zogbe Andrea Dondolo
Sgt Weston Jose Moreira Vaz
Insp Daventry Anele Matoti
Ian Fleming Jeremy Crutchley
James Bond Charlie Higson
Adapted By Charlie Higson
Director Charles Palmer
Producer Peter McAleese
Writer Agatha Christie
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