CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Dead of the Class

Series 13 - Episode 17 Dead of the Class



Now and then CSI reminds you how it can still assemble absurdly intricate, glossy mysteries full of cartoon characters and lurid details. This is one of those, and for good measure it revolves around one of the regular cast who rarely troubles the spotlight — mild-mannered medical examiner David Phillips. He reluctantly attends his 15-year high-school reunion, where the bubble machine starts blowing bloody bubbles — the former prom queen has been murdered. From there we get a excellent sequence of bizarre clues and character studies.

It’s hardly a new theme, but high-school angst has never had quite these twists.


Phillips attends his high-school reunion, where he finds organiser Becca Sabin dead on a table, having had her throat slit. A fragment of broken glass leads Sanders to a photocopier from which he obtains a printout of the victim's face being forcibly held down by someone wearing a bracelet. Guest Kelly Nivens is identified as the owner of the jewellery and she tells the detectives that Becca had plans to reveal the secrets of her former classmates in a speech.

Cast & Crew

DB Russell Ted Danson
Julie Finlay Elisabeth Shue
Nick Stokes George Eads
Sara Sidle Jorja Fox
Greg Sanders Eric Szmanda
Dr Al Robbins Robert David Hall
David Hodges Wallace Langham
Morgan Brody Elisabeth Harnois
David Phillips David Berman
Amy Phillips Marcy Rylan
Sean McHenry Lucas Bryant
Janet Morse Jeanette Brox
Becca Sabin Bree Williamson
Kelly Nivens Michaela McManus
Director Alec Smight
Executive Producer Anthony E Zuiker
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