In Love with the King

Series 1 - Episode 1 In Love with the King



In a Britain torn by the Wars of the Roses, comely young Elizabeth Woodville waits expectantly by a roadside with her two cute sons. She’s hoping to catch a word with the passing York king, Edward IV. She wants a big favour but the pair are soon in the throes of an electrified passion because they are both gorgeous and fancy one another something rotten.

Thus starts this misty ten-part blockbuster (based on Philippa Gregory’s novels). While Elizabeth and Edward (Rebecca Ferguson, who has a slight but disconcerting Swedish accent, and Max Irons, who doesn’t) have gauzy sex in candlelit rooms, England is in turmoil as the houses of York and Lancaster fight for supremacy. The leads are a handsome pair, but Janet McTeer, as Elizabeth’s spell-casting mother, steals every scene she’s in.

A follow-up, The White Princess, is coming to Drama soon.


Epic historical drama set against the backdrop of the Wars of the Roses, telling the stories of three different women with a taste for power. It is 1464 and England has been at war for nine years, battling over who is the rightful king. Edward IV is crowned with the help of master manipulator the Earl of Warwick - but when the monarch falls in love with beautiful widowed commoner Elizabeth Woodville, Warwick's plan for control over the throne is threatened. Rebecca Ferguson (no, not the X Factor singer), Max Irons and James Frain star. Based on the best-selling novel series The Cousins' War by Philippa Gregory.

Cast & Crew

Countess of Warwick Juliet Aubrey
Richard, Duke of Gloucester Aneurin Barnard
Elizabeth Woodville Rebecca Ferguson
Lord Warwick James Frain
Duchess Cecily Caroline Goodall
Lady Margaret Beaufort Amanda Hale
King Edward Max Irons
Anthony Rivers Ben Lamb
Henry Stafford Michael Maloney
Anne Neville Faye Marsay
Jacquetta Woodville Janet McTeer
George, Duke of Clarence David Oakes
Baron Rivers Robert Pugh
Isabel Neville Eleanor Tomlinson
John Grey Christoph St Jacques
Mary Woodville Eve Ponsonby
Katherine Woodville Elsa Houben
Thomas Grey Nicholas Fagg
Richard Grey Rudi Goodman
John Rivers Simon Ginty
Princess Bona of France Lize Feryn
Seamstress Elke Andreas Boon
Director James Kent
Executive Producer John Griffin
Executive Producer George Faber
Executive Producer Charles Pattinson
Executive Producer Philippa Gregory
Producer Gina Cronk
Writer Emma Frost
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