Swan Song

Series 8 - Episode 7 Swan Song



British troops save Edith and Rene from execution, and the pair are released into the woods. Meanwhile, the Germans decide to head for Spain, and Michelle joins Crabtree in a duet. Classic wartime sitcom, starring Gorden Kaye and Carmen Silvera.

Cast & Crew

Dr Leconte David Rowlands
Rene Gorden Kaye
Kasebrot Jack Hedley
Edith Carmen Silvera
Frobisher Miles Richardson
Pilkington Darren Matthews
Yvette Vicki Michelle
Leclerc Robin Parkinson
Mimi Sue Hodge
Fanny Rose Hill
Crabtree Arthur Bostrom
Michelle Kirsten Cooke
Alfonse Kenneth Connor
Colonel Richard Marner
Gruber Guy Siner
Helga Kim Hartman
Flick Richard Gibson
Von Smallhausen John Louis Mansi
Klinkenhoffen Hilary Minster
Director John B Hobbs
Writer Jeremy Lloyd
Writer Paul Adam
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