Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

Series 1 - Episode 2



Pauline Paradise throws herself into a new life now that she’s walked out on her stultifying marriage to a crashing bore and left her noisy family to bicker over the rights and wrongs of her actions.

Although there’s nothing particularly new here, Stewart Harcourt’s light family drama creeps up on you and might win you over, even though you’ve probably seen it all before (Modern Family, Last Tango in Halifax). At least you’ll be on Pauline’s (Alison Steadman) side, because her family is awful, particularly the men (’twas ever thus in TV dramas, sorry gents). Her garrulous son Kevin the fireman is a particular idiot who does nothing to ease his money worries, while her insecure and needy daughter Heather (Niky Wardley) risks alienating her hunky, younger husband.


Embracing her new life, Pauline goes on a date with colleague Peter, but estranged husband Ken finds out and decides to interrupt the rendezvous with a phone call. Heather's paranoia about Charlie continues, and matters aren't improved when her dance competition rival makes a play for his affections. Elsewhere, Kevin begins to realise his dodgy dealings have not gone unnoticed. Comedy drama, starring Alison Steadman, Bruce Alexander, Duncan Preston, Niky Wardley and James McArdle.

Cast & Crew

Pauline Paradise Alison Steadman
Ken Paradise Duncan Preston
Rowan Holdaway Celia Imrie
Tommy Sutherland Larry Lamb
Kevin Paradise Stewart Wright
Sarah Paradise Ashley Jensen
Martin Paradise Graeme Hawley
Michelle Paradise Zoe Telford
Heather McCallister Niky Wardley
Charlie McCallister James McArdle
Gary Thorpe Don Gilet
Louise Anderson Jemima Abey
Ashley Roehampton John Heffernan
Scarlett Quilter Jessica Sula
Peter Bachman Bruce Alexander
Nathan Paradise George Boden
Abby Paradise Eryn McNally
MC John Dalziel
Carl Francis Cardoso
Vivienne Jane How
Hairy Dave Barry Aird
Child Caitlin Cronin
Child Joseph Cronin
Child Sam Cronin
Child Lucy Cronin
Child Betty Cronin
Child Lara Beardmore
Child Daisy Hinett
Director Debbie Isitt
Executive Producer Will Gould
Executive Producer Rebecca de Souza
Executive Producer Stewart Harcourt
Producer Lawrence Till
Writer Stewart Harcourt
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Drama Comedy