Party Crasher

Series 4 - Episode 12 Party Crasher



We’ve all seen any number of protective-dad-teenage-daughter storylines in sitcoms. We’ve seen a few in Modern Family. Tonight Ty Burrell shows he can trump them all with a single, frantic reaction shot.

As Phil Dunphy, he’s always equally good whether he’s being trying-too-hard-to-be-cool dad or panicky-uptight dad. This week, Hayley has a new boyfriend, a sleazy jeans designer in his 30s. Watching Phil flip from high-fiving the newcomer to suppressing his primal rage is a joy. Look out for one shot of him gnawing on a corn cob as displacement activity. All this forms one strand of an episode that, by the end, becomes a bit special.


Gloria refuses to let her heavy pregnancy stop her from throwing Manny a surprise 14th birthday party, so she and Jay team up to make it happen. Meanwhile, Cam becomes jealous while watching Mitchell walk down the playroom aisle with Lily, and Claire hatches a plan to get rid of denim outfitter Kenny from the Dunphy household.

Cast & Crew

Jay Pritchett Ed O'Neill
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett Sofia Vergara
Claire Dunphy Julie Bowen
Phil Dunphy Ty Burrell
Mitchell Pritchett Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Cameron Eric Stonestreet
Haley Dunphy Sarah Hyland
Alex Dunphy Ariel Winter
Luke Dunphy Nolan Gould
Manny Delgado Rico Rodriguez
Lily Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
Kenny Jason Mantzoukas
Bakery Worker Tim Banning
Parking Attendant Bill Coelius
Manny's girlfriend Krystal Gauvin
Mum Jamie Anderson
Nurse Karen McClain
Cameron's student Laurel Coddington
Cameron's student Destinie Dominguez
Cameron's student Josiah Dominguez
Cameron's student Chloe Okura
Cameron's student Chris Shen
Cameron's student Julian Xavier
Dave Noah Weisberg
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