Series 6 - Episode 1 Rabbit



At the launch of the sixth series of Not Going Out, its star
Lee Mack said the absent Tim Vine – who played Tim, Not Going Out’s good-natured voice of reason and a perfect foil for Mack – would be replaced by an “abstract concept”. What he meant was there’d be a lot more plot and story to make up for the Vine-sized gap. You’ll be able to see what he was getting at in a very farcical opening episode involving dead rabbits.

All the usual Not Going Out tent-poles are in place; the quick-fire gags at which Mack is the unsurpassable master, the silly situations (very silly, as it turns out) and the excellent Sally Bretton and Katy Wix as Lucy and Daisy. It’s frantic, frequently funny and refreshingly unpretentious. But you’ll miss Tim Vine. I do.


Lucy accidentally runs over a pet rabbit belonging to the daughter of an important client, so she needs someone to help cover her tracks. Unfortunately, the best people she has are Lee and Daisy. Comedy, starring Lee Mack, Sally Bretton and Katy Wix.

Cast & Crew

Lee Lee Mack
Lucy Sally Bretton
Daisy Katy Wix
Paul Toby Longworth
Sophie Jocelyn Macnab
Pet shop manager Mike Walling
Pet shop customer Martin Collins
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