Hannah's Killer - Nowhere to Hide: Real Crime

Hannah's Killer - Nowhere to Hide: Real Crime

Series 8



The five-and-a-half-year investigation into the rape and murder of Southampton teenager Hannah Foster in 2003. After fleeing the country, Maninder Pal Singh Kohli confessed to the crime live on Indian TV, and despite a retraction and efforts to stop himself facing justice in the British courts, in 2008 he became the first Indian national to be extradited back to the UK. Featuring interviews, archive footage and dramatic reconstruction.

Cast & Crew

Hannah Foster Katie Bradley
Trevor Foster Julian Evans
Maninder Pal Singh Kohli Lokesh Jain
Helen Wilkinson Stephanie Shields
Director Claire Faragher
Director Stan Griffin
Executive Producer Mark Scantlebury
Producer Claire Faragher
Producer Stan Griffin
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