The Erotic Vase

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Erotic Vase



Apparently the comic brains behind this sitcom consulted classicist Mary Beard about what the ancient Romans really got up to – and they make The Inbetweeners look positively puritanical.

Grumio the slave is given vintage porn for his birthday and Stylax dabbles gleefully in incest. Only Marcus takes the moral high ground, while sashaying around in a “skinny” tunic mocking the skin-tight jeans so popular among today’s fashionistas (one suspects the writers were taking liberties here).


Marcus swaps roles with Grumio as a birthday treat for his slave, while Stylax buys him a vase that features an erotic figure bearing a striking resemblance to someone they know. Stylax also hangs out with his cousin Lucretia, with whom he has an unusually close relationship. Comedy set in Ancient Rome, starring Joel Fry, Ryan Sampson and Tom Rosenthal.

Cast & Crew

Marcus Tom Rosenthal
Stylax Joel Fry
Grumio Ryan Sampson
Cynthia Sophie Colquhoun
Metella Lydia Rose Bewley
Flavia Doon Mackichan
Aurelius Tom Basden
Landlord Karl Theobald
Claudius Adrian Scarborough
Lucretia Naomi Bentley
Director Sam Leifer
Executive Producer Caroline Leddy
Executive Producer Sam Leifer
Producer Teddy Leifer
Writer Tom Basden
Writer Sam Leifer
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