One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 4 - Episode 13



Hayley and Pete giggle as they remember the night of their baby’s conception – a drunken Bonfire Night party. “I don’t think Pete will cope when I’m in labour,” says Hayley, laughing.

It’s only later that we learn the couple are putting on a tremendously brave front because their unborn baby has been diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening condition. Kaiden, as he is already called, will be born critically ill. A medical emergency team is on standby. Hayley and Pete are terrific, but as they clutch onto each other, sobbing, when Kaiden is born, everyone involved knows that the road ahead will be painfully difficult.


Expectant mother Hayley has been anxious since her 20-week scan, which revealed her baby has a rare type of hernia that could restrict the development of its lungs. She and partner Pete have been unable to plan for their child's future as the condition is potentially life-threatening, but they try to remain positive throughout the labour, knowing that the most difficult period will come immediately after the birth.

Cast & Crew

Director Sophie Jones
Executive Producer Peter Moore
Series Director Emily Smith
Series Producer Dominique Foster