Red in Tooth and Claw

Series 5 - Episode 14 Red in Tooth and Claw



It’s an occupational hazard for actors that if you appear in a powerful or much-loved drama, you end up being identified with that role and struggle to shrug it off. So it is that when Zuleikha Robinson crops up in tonight’s Mentalist, it’s hard for any Homeland fan to shake off memories of the terrorist/reporter Roya Hammad she played to devastating effect.

Here she plays the academic boss at a museum of natural history, where their star ornithologist is found dead in the kind of bizarre circumstances they could only get away with on CSI: she’s in a box of flesh-eating worms.
Meanwhile, Cho and Rigsby have one of their enjoyable differences
of opinion, this time on the subject of dinosaurs.


Lisbon and Jane investigate when the body of a missing research student is discovered in a tank of flesh-eating insects at a natural history museum. The pair believe the woman was murdered by one of her fellow academics following her pioneering discovery of a new moth species - an accolade they suspect the culprit wanted to claim as their own. Drama, starring Simon Baker and Robin Tunney.

Cast & Crew

Patrick Jane Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney
Wayne Rigsby Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt Amanda Righetti
Kimball Cho Tim Kang
Paul Friedman Rob Benedict
Megan Parker Samantha Quan
Ray Moran Drew Rausch
Sonia Kidd Zuleikha Robinson
Director Randall Zisk
Executive Producer Bruno Heller
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