Churchill and The Fascist Plot

Churchill and the Fascist Plot

Series 1 - Episode 1 Churchill and the Fascist Plot



Channel 4 has a documentary looking at how the wartime PM used MI5 to hunt down the fascist sympathisers of the Right Club, a murky organisation of British aristocrats and disaffected foreign nationals.


In May 1940, Winston Churchill was facing the prospect of invasion by the Germans, but it wasn't just Hitler that concerned him. There was also the threat from Britain's own fascist sympathisers - the so-called fifth column - that could undermine the nation's war effort from within. A few days after Churchill became prime minister, MI5 swooped on addresses in central London to catch members of the Right Club, an extreme pro-Nazi society led by politician Archibald Ramsay. This documentary tells the story of this secret organisation and its downfall.

Cast & Crew

Director Peter Nicholson
Executive Producer Peter Dale
Producer Celine Fitzmaurice
Producer Peter Nicholson
Writer Peter Nicholson