Great Pretenders

Series 1 - Episode 3 Great Pretenders



Despite Fenton's threat, Gina risks everything to prove Donald's innocence. Meanwhile, as William Parker is laid to rest, Jack has his eyes on a potential new suspect, and an attack at the cafe puts an officer's life in danger. Police drama set in the 1950s, starring Jennie Jacques and Kieran Bew.

Cast & Crew

Frank Marshall Philip Hill Pearson
WPC Gina Dawson Jennie Jacques
Cathy Sinclair Justine Michelle Cain
Bill Pearson Jack Derges
Sgt Sidney Fenton Charlie De'Ath
Linus Brody Tim Plester
DI Jack Burns Kieran Bew
Deborah Burns Marianne Oldham
Mary Cook Kelly Hotten
Chief Superintend Coulson John Bowler
Valerie Parker Lynne Verrall
George Stern Mark Rice-Oxley
Henry Fuller Shaun Prendergast
Grace Fuller Mary Jo Randle
Rev Buckley Richard Huw
Gerry Sullivan Adam Sopp
Young Pratt Tom Thompson
Young Coulson Samuel Young
PC Eddie Coulson Chris Overton
Chief Insp Roger Nelson John Light
Desk Sgt Peter Pratt Gerard Horan
Kevin Dodds Luke Williams
Philip Cook Nigel Boyle
Mr Walker Julien Ball
Donald Palmer Akemnji Ndifornyen
Judge Michael Hadley
Sylvia Stewart Sarah Beck Mather
Mr Stewart David Maybrick
Mr Lewis Jim Creighton
Johnny Harris Daniel Ormerod
Lisa Harris Jennifer Bea
Sam Pratt Tom McLarney
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Producer Mike Hobson
Writer Dominique Moloney
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