Nature of the Beast

Series 1 - Episode 4 Nature of the Beast

Sunday 2:40am - 4am Alibi


Jack gets nearer to finding the other missing boy, and the hunt for Eddie's attacker compromises Pratt's relationship with his son. Meanwhile, there is another rape, but this time the consequences are deadly, and Gina and Jack become closer following some trouble at home.

Cast & Crew

Chief Supt Coulson John Bowler
Eddie Coulson Chris Overton
Chief Insp Roger Nelson John Light
Sgt Sidney Fenton Charlie De'Ath
WPC Gina Dawson Jennie Jacques
Desk Sgt Peter Pratt Gerard Horan
DI Jack Burns Kieran Bew
Sam Pratt Tom McLarney
Johnny Harris Daniel Ormerod
Salvatore Angeletti Nick Cavaliere
Deborah Burns Marianne Oldham
Joe Dawson Jonty Stephens
Frank Marshall Philip Hill Pearson
Brenda Dawson Kathryn Hunt
Cathy Sinclair Justine Michelle Cain
Helena Cole Jan Harvey
Lisa Harris Jennifer Bea
Miss Rosemary Lawrence Barbara Durkin
Bill Pearson Jack Derges
Mrs Buckley Clare Burt
Rev Buckley Richard Huw
Bessie Cradditch Kerry Washington
Jessica Mundy Alexandra Wilson
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Producer Mike Hobson
Writer Ray Brooking
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