Series 1 - Episode 3



Fans of spooky hokum have probably made Lightfields their weekly treat, ensuring it’s scored in brightest pink marker pen in their copies of RT. It’s tremendous fun, particularly now there’s a possessed typewriter pecking out words by itself at night! A few more cheap and old-fashioned shocks might push things along a bit, though. A disembodied female voice singing
All Things Bright and Beautiful in Lightfields’ shabby hallways is fair enough, but we need a few more acts of inexplicable oddness.

By now Lorna and Barry Felwood (Sophie Thompson and Danny Webb), the nice B&B owners of the 2012 Lightfields farmhouse, have come to realise that “something happened here”, after their wee grandson’s claims that he can see the Tooth Fairy and his sudden and very dangerous interest in fire.

Back in 1975, blocked writer Vivien Mullen (Lucy Cohu) continues to look worried in a series of unflattering cardigans.


In 1944, Vivien finds a letter Eve wrote to Lucy on the day of her death and its hurtful contents shock Harry. In 1975, as the return of Vivien's memories gives her nightmares, she discovers a mysterious message tapped out on her typewriter. Who has been at the keyboard? Meanwhile in 2012, Luke puts himself in danger by starting a fire. Supernatural drama, starring Lucy Cohu and Dakota Blue Richards.

Cast & Crew

Albert Felwood Sam Hazeldine
Martha Felwood Jill Halfpenny
Eve Dakota Blue Richards
Vivien Mullen (1975) Lucy Cohu
Clare Mullen Karla Crome
Paul Willard Kris Marshall
Lorna Felwood Sophie Thompson
Barry Felwood Danny Webb
Dwight Lawson Neil Jackson
Tom (1944) Danny Miller
Harry Dunn Luke Newberry
Pip Felwood (1944) Larry Mills
Cindy Alice Sanders
Nick Chris Mason
Pip Felwood (2012) Michael Byrne
Luke Willard Alexander Aze
Lucy Felwood Antonia Clarke
Vivien (1944) Leilah de Meza
Glenn Nick Hendrix
Tom (1975) Wayne Foskett
Rob Pilton Alan Westaway
Doctor Andrew Havill
Director Damon Thomas
Executive Producer Kate Lewis
Producer Cherry Gould
Writer Simon Tyrrell
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