Planet Ant: Life Inside the Colony

Planet Ant: Life Inside the Colony



Leafcutter ants are fascinating creatures, Sisyphean toilers forever stripping leaves and hauling loads back to their nest. This riveting documentary draws neat parallels between ant colonies and industrialised human societies as entomologists Dr George McGavin and Professor Adam Hart study a colony transported to a mocked-up nest at Glasgow’s Science Centre.

Their work highlights many previously unknown facets of behaviour, from the amazing chirruping stridulations of the leafcutter workers, to the unseen underground patrols of the soldiers.

McGavin is a hands-on presenter, and his encounters with soldier
ants have him gasping in pain. The close-up photography is stunning, but perhaps more breathtaking is how ant simulations are helping to solve the complex calculations of space exploration.


Documentary exploring the complex workings of a specially created leafcutter ant colony, using time-lapse cameras and microscopes to investigate every aspect of the insect's life. The programme also reveals how the creatures can help man solve global problems. Presented by entomologists George McGavin and Adam Hart.

Cast & Crew

Presenter George McGavin
Presenter Adam Hart
Executive Producer Marcus Herbert