Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven

An Incredible Journey Begins

Series 1 - Episode 1 An Incredible Journey Begins



The inexhaustible Nigel Marven is heading for a Mexican lagoon to track the progress of 300 grey whales. Every spring the mammals mass in Baja California Sur before starting a long journey along the coast. “I’m fizzing with excitement here!” says Nigel, somewhat unnecessarily, as he pats a baby grey whale. The creatures are full of curiosity. Every so often one of them pokes its head out of the water, like a mountain crag rearing up from the waves, to take a look around.

Later Marven drives through the desert and finds a Mexican mole lizard, a weird thing that looks like a worm with claws.


Wildlife film-maker Nigel Marven follows grey whales as they undertake the longest mammal migration on Earth, more than 5,000 miles along the Pacific coast of North America from Mexico to Alaska. In Baja California's San Ignacio lagoon, Nigel observes the calves as they spend their first months of life suckling and learning swimming skills, and talks to the scientists studying them. As the whales start their journey north towards the American border, Nigel takes a road trip through the desert, encountering rattlesnakes, lizards and antelope along the way.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Nigel Marven
Director Tim Pritchard
Series Producer Nigel Marven
Documentary Nature