Episode 1 Pilot



The inspector and his sidekick DS Hathaway investigate the murder of a talented maths student. The prime suspect is the victim's ex-boyfriend, who is convinced his uncle has set him up, but old case papers belonging to Morse reveal the boy's family is hiding a dark secret. Laurence Fox and Rebecca Front co-star alongside Kevin Whately.

Cast & Crew

DI Lewis Kevin Whately
DS Hathaway Laurence Fox
Ch Supt Innocent Rebecca Front
Dr Laura Hobson Clare Holman
Danny Griffon Charlie Cox
Bernard Beech Colin Starkey
Rex Griffon Jack Ellis
Trudi Griffon Jemma Redgrave
Tom Pollock Danny Webb
DI Knox Alex Knight
Kate Jekyll Lizzy McInnerny
Ivor Denniston Michael Maloney
Regan Peverill Sophie Winkleman
Mr Tanigaki Dennis Matsuki
Jessica Pollock Flora Spencer-Longhurst
Air stewardess Rosalyn Wright
Hal Bose Marc Elliott
Club secretary Michael Hobbs
Locksmith Adam Smethurst
Uniformed PC Mark Small
Secretary Janet Maw
Director Bill Anderson
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Executive Producer Ted Childs
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Chris Burt
Writer Stephen Churchett
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