Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

Series 7 - Episode 2 Sunshine and Frosty Swirl



This show is at its best when Dexter (Michael C Hall) is frantically spinning plates – that is, “enemies/colleagues who are on the verge of finding out he is a serial killer and might have to be bumped off”. Creepy computer whiz Louis comes fully under Dexter’s gaze for the first time: is he an amateur trouble-maker or a serious enemy? Beware geeks bearing grudges...

There’s more trouble afoot as LaGuerta discovers that the shard of glass she found at the Travis Marshall murder scene is the key to an enormous can of worms.


A local convict claims he has new information regarding a 15-year-old crime spree, and Miami Metro sets out to unearth new evidence on the case. Meanwhile, Debra attempts to cure Dexter of his killer tendencies. Crime drama, starring Michael C Hall.

Cast & Crew

Dexter Morgan Michael C Hall