The Inbetweeners

Work Experience

Series 2 - Episode 2 Work Experience



Will is unhappy about being forced by Mr Gilbert to take a work experience job at a garage due to a mix-up that sees Neil joining a newspaper. Meanwhile, Jay sorts out a placement for himself and Simon at his father's plant hire company. Starring Simon Bird and Blake Harrison.

Cast & Crew

Will McKenzie Simon Bird
Simon Cooper Joe Thomas
Jay Cartwright James Buckley
Neil Sutherland Blake Harrison
Mr Gilbert Greg Davies
Danny Moore Charlie Wernham
Danny's mate Scott McNess
Charlotte Hinchcliffe Emily Atack
Jim Cavan Clerkin
Wolfie David Fynn
Toby Adam G Goodwin
Terry Cartwright David Schaal
Mrs McKenzie Belinda Stewart-Wilson
Mr Sutherland Alex Macqueen
Hannah Holly Peplow
Director Ben Palmer
Producer Christopher Young
Writer Damon Beesley
Writer Iain Morris
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