Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

The Green Mill Murder

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Green Mill Murder



A murder takes place at a glamorous dance club, drawing Phryne into a complex case of blackmail, forbidden love, bigamy, professional rivalry and a family secret involving an old flame she knew during the First World War. Crime drama set in the 1920s, starring Essie Davis.

Cast & Crew

Phryne Fisher Essie Davis
Det John `Jack' Robinson Nathan Page
Hugh Collins Hugo Johnstone-Burt
Dorothy `Dot' Williams Ashleigh Cummings
Mr Butler Richard Bligh
Bert Travis McMahon
Cec Anthony Sharpe
Director Kate Dennis
Executive Producer Deborah Cox
Executive Producer Fiona Eaggar
Executive Producer Christopher Gist
Executive Producer Carole Sklan
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