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Sand, Wind and Stars

Series 1 - Episode 1 Sand, Wind and Stars



Welcome to Arabia – “an exotic but forbidden land”, according to the voiceover. Really? Are we still talking about it that way? If you’re going to enjoy this series about the local wildlife and customs – and there’s plenty to enjoy – you’ll need to get used to the kind of ripe turns of phrase that narration-writers love, about a “mighty sea of sand” and a place of “magical secrets”.

But the filming is so gorgeous and majestic, it will probably overwhelm you anyway. There are desert creatures you may never have heard of – a Rüppell’s fox, for instance, pursuing a jerboa (a little rodent that hops like a kangaroo), or a dhub lizard that changes colour in the sun. You’ll learn to distinguish your oryx from your ibex – both beautiful huge-horned antelopes, and when the latter start headbutting, it’s a stunning sight. And at the end there’s a Bedouin camel-racing scene that is surprisingly moving.


Documentary revealing the connections between the wildlife, landscape and people of the Arabian peninsula. The first edition features animals including oryxes, jerboas, horned vipers and scorpions, and a journey with the Bedouin - camel-riding nomads who are the only humans to have mastered the art of survival in the desert. Narrated by Alexander Siddig.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Alexander Siddig
Executive Producer Brian Leith
Series Producer Dan Rees
Series Producer Chadden Hunter