Are You?

Series 7 - Episode 1 Are You?



Last year we left Dexter – forensics analyst and secret vigilante killer of escaped murderers – in a pickle, his detective sister Deb having just walked in on him slaying serial killer Travis Marshall. Season seven picks up there and... it’s monstrously exciting. Elsewhere, a cop is gunned down, leading the Miami homicide team towards a tangle with Ukrainian gangsters. Back to Dexter and Deb: the end of this episode will make you more desperate to see the next one than you’ve ever been with any show.


Debra is shocked after witnessing Dexter kill Travis Marshall, but helps him cover up the murder by setting fire to the scene. Meanwhile, LaGuerta finds a blood slide that Dexter accidentally dropped in the church and begins investigating it. Crime drama, starring Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Lauren Velez.

Cast & Crew

Dexter Morgan Michael C Hall
Debra Morgan Jennifer Carpenter
Maria LaGuerta Lauren Velez
Travis Marshall Colin Hanks