Little House on the Prairie

Alden's Dilemma

Series 9 - Episode 11 Alden's Dilemma



When a handsome called named Reverend Hale passes through Walnut Grove, he earns Reverend Alden's respect by making a generous donation to the Church, and is quickly accepted by the congregation as a strong and efficient speaker. However, he causes a stir when he begins secret meeting with the town's women secretly - especially as Almanzo and John are away on business.

Cast & Crew

Laura Ingalls Wilder Melissa Gilbert
Almanzo Wilder Dean Butler
Harriet Oleson Scottie MacGregor
Nels Oleson Richard Bull
Mr Edwards Victor French
Dr Hiram Baker Kevin Hagen
Rev Robert Alden Dabbs Greer
Rev Addison Hale David Huffman
Willie Oleson Jonathan Gilbert
Nancy Oleson Allison Balson
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