Series 6 - Episode 3 Therapy



In the first two episodes of the latest series, the gap left by the departed Tim Vine’s character was filled with farcical plots.

But now things calm down and we veer as close to emotion as this endearingly flippant series gets. Lucy is doing night classes in psychotherapy, so Lee mocks the whole idea – before submitting to counselling himself. Perhaps his failure with relationships has roots in his upbringing?

Enter Bobby Ball as Lee’s dad. There are deeper waters than usual under the gags, but dim friend Daisy keeps it light. Daisy: “You said you wanted to damage the bike!” Lucy: “No, I said I wanted to break the cycle.”


Lucy becomes a relationship counsellor, so Lee and his father take advantage of her new-found skills in an effort to patch things up between them. Can they finally forgive and forget? Bobby Ball guest stars as Frank, with Lee Mack, Sally Bretton and Katy Wix.

Cast & Crew

Lee Lee Mack
Lucy Sally Bretton
Daisy Katy Wix
Frank Bobby Ball
Director Nick Wood
Producer Jamie Rix
Writer Lee Mack
Writer Daniel Peak
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