Walking Through History

The Tudor Way

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Tudor Way



Tony Robinson has quite a lengthy walk ahead of him as it takes four days of vigorous hiking to get from Penshurst in the Weald to Lewes on the South Downs. He’s visiting places with a connection to Henry VIII. Some are magnificent manor houses, but others are less well-known sites where both the Tudor iron industry and beer brewing industry once flourished.

It’s a pleasantly sunny trip through gorgeous rolling countryside, although Robinson does get a shock in the Ashdown Forest. He’s told adders often hide in the undergrowth. Sometimes there are even black adders.


Tony Robinson sets off on a 45-mile hike through the countryside of the Weald in Kent and the Downs of East Sussex to discover the area's rich and surprising Tudor heritage. At Penshurst Place, author Philippa Gregory helps him relish the fate of the Grand Duke of Buckingham at the hands of the young Henry VIII. From there, he travels up what used to be secret paths to Hever Castle and finds out how the monarch's reign brought not only huge social, political and industrial change, but also fame and disaster to the women who caught his eye He ends this leg of his journey in Lewes, where he relives one of the more brutal monastic dissolutions.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tony Robinson
Contributor Philippa Gregory
Director Owen Rodd
Executive Producer Philip Clarke
Executive Producer Simon Raikes
Producer Owen Rodd
Series Producer David Johnson
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