Pop! The Science of Bubbles

Pop! The Science of Bubbles


Bubble physicist Dr Helen Czerski is on a mission: to persuade you that bubbles are enormously powerful scientific tools and that learning more about them is one bit of physics that can make your life so much richer. Grand claims, then, but Czerski has a wealth of scientific experiments to back them up, from exploring how bubbles affect the taste of champagne to how examining their surface tension could help with our understanding of the Sun.

The experiments are plainly presented in their lab settings, giving the feel of an Open University lecture, but when you see something like cold water washing stubborn lipstick off a tile, thanks to bubbles, you’ll be amazed.


Physicist Helen Czerski investigates the significance of bubbles, which can help to push back the boundaries of science, despite often being thought of as toys. She explores how a single one can reveal the workings of nature on a vast scale, and examines how globules of air formed as a result of breaking waves help oceans to breathe. The presenter also takes a look at the role bubbles are playing in the future design of ships and with new forms of medical treatment.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dr Helen Czerski
Director Paul Sen
Executive Producer Richard Reisz
Producer Paul Sen