Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Queen of the Flowers

Series 1 - Episode 9 Queen of the Flowers



Phryne is asked to teach deportment and etiquette to a group of delinquent teenage girls leading up to the annual Flower Parade. However, when one of her pupils washes up dead on the beach, lessons are put on hold as a murder inquiry is launched. Essie Davis stars.

Cast & Crew

Phryne Fisher Essie Davis
DI Jack Robinson Nathan Page
Hugh Collins Hugo Johnstone-Burt
Dorothy `Dot' Williams Ashleigh Cummings
Anna Ross Danielle Cormack
Franklin D Weston Terry Norris
Lionel Phillips Andrew S Gilbert
Mr Butler Richard Bligh
Jane Ruby Rees Wemyss
Rose Weston Taylor Ferguson
Maris Wild Eva Lazzaro
Kitty Pace Zoe Amanda Wilson
Derek Phillips Ben Schumann
James Murray Kevin Hopkins
Director Clayton Jacobson
Director Tony Tilse
Executive Producer Deborah Cox
Executive Producer Fiona Eaggar
Executive Producer Christopher Gist
Executive Producer Carole Sklan
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