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A Brief Encounter

Series 3 - Episode 6 A Brief Encounter



Midwinter Mondays have been fluffed up considerably for the past six weeks, but make the most of Miranda Hart’s vegetepals and aghast looks to camera, because this is the last in the present series.

Our lanky protagonist is a bit down after last week’s spat with Gary (Tom Ellis) and her inability to resolve her feelings for Mike (Bo Poraj), so she’s bought six kittens to cheer herself up. The prospect of her parents renewing their vows and Tilly’s surprise boyfriend (an old face from the show) do little to lift Miranda’s spirits, so it’s time for a big life decision.

This third series, which has turned procrastination into an art form, was given a real boost by the channel switch from BBC2: around 7 million now watch it as opposed to 3 million for the first series. The US-style audience involvement really shouldn’t work but does, and the high laugh count over half an hour is, as Tilly would say, “totes amazeballs”. No word as RT went to press on a fourth series... but let’s just say the door is open.


A fed up Miranda makes a huge decision - she packs her bags to go travelling and this time it's for good. Stevie is devastated, while Penny is too wrapped up in renewing her wedding vows to notice. It seems only Gary can stop her going - but how does he really feel? Miranda Hart, Patricia Hodge, Tom Ellis and Sarah Hadland star in the hit comedy.

Cast & Crew

Miranda Miranda Hart
Penny Patricia Hodge
Stevie Sarah Hadland
Gary Tom Ellis
Tilly Sally Phillips
Mike Bo Poraj
Director Juliet May
Executive Producer Jo Sargent
Producer Emma Strain
Writer Miranda Hart
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