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Series 1 - Episode 5 Sahara



This week’s most striking story concerns not an animal but a plant. The resurrection plant is a kind of tumbleweed that rolls around the Sahara looking for water. It doesn’t actually look, it just gets blown about until it arrives somewhere damp, soaks up moisture and puts out seeds hoping for rain to scatter them and re-start the cycle.

David Attenborough tells us the plant can blow around for 100 years before waking up if it finds water (you wonder how they know these things). We hear other awe-inspiring tales of survival in the desert, including a tireless dung beetle and some superb silvery ants.


David Attenborough explores the wildlife eking out an existence in and around the scorching wilderness of the Sahara, where only the toughest survive. It's a constant struggle against dehydration, as zebra battle over dwindling rivers, camels search for water and tiny barn swallows navigate thousands of square miles of barren sand to find a life-saving oasis. The naked mole rat avoids the heat by living a subterranean existence, while the silver ant is able to take on the midday sun - but needs a `spacesuit' to do it.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Executive Producer Michael Gunton
Producer Matthew Wright
Series Producer James Honeyborne
Documentary Nature