David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities

Stretched to the Limit

Series 1 - Episode 1 Stretched to the Limit

Thu 21 Nov 2pm - 2:30pm Yesterday


Courses on effective communication should hold up Sir David Attenborough as a beacon of clarity. In this bite-sized natural-history programme, he quickly demystifies the complex mechanics of a giraffe’s neck and a chameleon’s preying technique. And yet he still manages to preserve a sense of wonder — the chameleon’s miraculous tongue launch is the sort of thing Nasa should be studying.

Attenborough turns away from the kind of widescreen wildlife that often sweeps across our screens and adopts a more zoomed-in approach. As you’d expect, it’s exemplary broadcasting.


David Attenborough explores nature's evolutionary anomalies and examines two creatures whose stretched features have given them an edge in the natural world. The chameleon has an extra-long tongue that helps it catch prey and the giraffe's neck is so long it is easily able to reach the tops of trees for food.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Attenborough
Director Hilary Jeffkins
Director Stephen Dunleavy
Executive Producer Stephen Dunleavy
Producer Hilary Jeffkins
Producer Stephen Dunleavy
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