You've Been Framed! Gold

You've Been Framed! Gold

Series 25



My purpose here on earth will have been completely fulfilled only when I’ve persuaded ITV to run brand-new episodes of You’ve Been Framed! every night of the week for ever. Even better, ITV should make a cast-iron investment in a You’ve Been Framed Channel, dedicated entirely to the peerless Harry Hill narrating grainy, wobbly footage of people falling off skateboards and cycling into trees.

This new episode ploughs that most fecund of You’ve Been Framed! furrows – weddings. The world can never, ever have enough mobile phone snippets of fainting grooms and, of course, guests slithering across dance floors at the reception or insisting upon dancing on tables. Best of all, though, is Hill’s extraordinary subversive and surreal narration.


Harry Hill narrates a comical selection of mishaps filmed by viewers, featuring everything from giddy grandmas, cute kids and crazy animals to below-the-belt mishaps, practical jokers and painful-looking accidents.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Harry Hill
Executive Producer Sumi Connock
Producer Chris Thornton