The Blue Cross

Series 1 - Episode 10 The Blue Cross



It is a testament to the quality of this period drama series that even when it’s shown in daytime it gets higher viewing figures than many primetime offerings. Of course it is magnificently shot, has glorious rural settings and apparently hasn’t offended GK Chesterton purists in the slightest, while Mark Williams as the cleric with a penchant for solving mysteries has grown into the role that Kenneth More originally played on TV.

In this episode, the Blue Cross, a precious religious artefact, is a tempting trophy for notorious thief Flambeau. Can our clerical sleuth sway him from his path?


The priest's priceless Blue Cross is targeted by infamous criminal Flambeau, so taking matters into his own hands Father Brown sets out to try to save the thief's soul, but risks falling into a trap. Mystery, starring Mark Williams.

Cast & Crew

Father Brown Mark Williams
Sid Carter Alex Price
Insp Valentine Hugo Speer
Mrs McCarthy Sorcha Cusack
Susie Jasinski Kasia Koleczek
Sgt Allbright Keith Osborn
Bishop Talbot Malcolm Storry
Justin De Vey Christopher Villiers
Mr Dawson Patrick Brennan
Capt Flynn John Light
Christopher Villiers Justin de Vey
Director Ian Barber
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Executive Producer John Yorke
Producer Ceri Meyrick
Writer Paul Matthew Thompson
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