The Bride of Christ

Series 1 - Episode 6 The Bride of Christ



Father Brown acquires a surprising assistant in this episode. Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) is an avid fan of Agatha Christie so when several nuns at the Convent of St Agnes are poisoned, she can’t help being secretly excited, although Father Brown does point out that real-life murder is quite unlike Mrs Christie’s novels.

A young nun about to receive her final vows is the first to die, swiftly followed by the formidable Sister Paul (Roberta Taylor) who has antagonised everyone in the convent with her strict and over-zealous ways. Suspicion falls on the gruff gardener Tom (Paddy Wallace) for the simple reason he’s a man.


The clergyman is called in to investigate when two nuns die in unusual circumstances at St Agnes convent. However, the mystery attracts the attention of Sister Boniface, a would-be sleuth with a passion for detective novels. Crime drama remake, guest starring comedienne Lorna Watson.

Cast & Crew

Father Brown Mark Williams
The Rev Mother Augustine Penny Downie
Sister Paul Roberta Taylor
Sister Gregory Selina Cadell
Insp Valentine Hugo Speer
Sgt Allbright Keith Osborn
Tom Evans Paddy Wallace
Sister Boniface Lorna Watson
Joyce Evans Joanna Horton
Mrs McCarthy Sorcha Cusack
Sister Thomas Jenny Galloway
Director Ian Barber
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Executive Producer John Yorke
Producer Ceri Meyrick
Writer Jude Tindall
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